How Fast Food Affects Older Men

More and more men across America are becoming obese by not adjusting their diets as they get older, and continue eating unhealthy fast food, even though they know they shouldn’t.

There have been multiple data and statistics collected and reported on by the American Heart Association, Livestrong, the Huffington Post, and Medical Daily about just how horrible fast food is when it comes to its contribution to obesity in older men. Organizations such as the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) make it a priority to spread awareness about the disease of obesity, and educate more fellas on how they can improve their health overall in the last half of their lives.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is an organization that always gives good advice to guys who want to try to eat better. They make it a point to inform men in this over 40 age group about making better health decisions, such as limiting eating things like fast food.

The association recommends that, if you do eat out, you should get fast foods that are the healthier ones on the menu. Many of these items will be represented by the association’s own heart-check mark.

According to the AHA, “a provision of the Affordable Care Act will require businesses with 20 or more locations to calculate the nutritional content of all food products and post that information on menus and signs”. The heart-check mark symbol, one that men over 40 should always keep and eye open for on their favorite food brands, reads “American Heart Association certified — meets the criteria for a heart-healthy meal”.

If older men who are having trouble with obesity were to keep an eye out for that mark in their grocery stores, they’d purchase food items that are better for their overall health. They should also keep an eye out for the symbol on the menus at their favorite restaurants to pick heart-healthy meals there as well.

Many men also simply don’t realize how expensive obesity as a health problem is. According to Livestrong, a website that consistently promotes health and wellness, there were $147 billion in medical costs for obesity problems alone in America about a decade ago (Cespedes, 2017). Type 2 diabetes is a very common disease in men who have obesity problems.

One of the worst facts about lots of fast food items is that they have a lot of calories, but not so many nutrients. The truth is most American men who indulge in a lot of fast food are not thinking about their health as much as getting a quick meal when they need it during, say, a busy workday.

When you eat too many fatty foods, the body develops extra insulin, which is a hormone that turns sugar into energy. The guy who suffers from obesity will then become immune to the naturally produced insulin in their body. When that happens, all of that extra insulin that runs through the blood becomes inflamed, and that’s what develops conditions like Type 2 diabetes.

There are also other diseases that frequently occur in obese men, and one of them is heart disease. Older fellas who are obese have a better chance of getting this disease. Liver damage can also be developed by eating too much fast food.

Much of this type of food can make you feel full after eating. But, the truth is, when you are digesting it, it collects in certain places of your body, such as your liver. A lot of the fat from the food is distributed through the body unevenly, in the worst cases, you could have permanent liver damage or inflammation.

Also, when men near 40 are (or are becoming) obese, they have a higher chance of blockage of arteries. This could ultimately cut off blood flow to the brain, and cause the guy to have a stroke.

A lot of what contributes to obesity in older men is actually where fast food restaurants are located within cities and towns. Many men work a lot of hours a day, and regularly develop habits when it comes to eating frequently at fast food restaurants. But, stopping at a grocery store instead could be a lot healthier. For example, many supermarkets have baked rotisserie chicken that’s already cooked.

Working adult men should also think beforehand, and make healthier meals to take with them every day to work. If they do, not only will they be saving their health, but also a lot of money.

I, Limus Woods, am the Original Author of this article. It was first published at at Rule Magazine on March 21, 2020.


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