Trump Wants to Use Remaining $300B of COVID-19 Funding for 2nd Stimulus Check — Top View TV

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If Congress approves it, the proposal of a second stimulus could come soon. Image from CNBC.

Donald Trump wants to use the money that’s left for Coronavirus Relief funding to provide $300 billion for another round of stimulus checks. However, the currently sitting United States president didn’t, according to Newsweek, “share details about what another round of stimulus checks would take”, and that “it’s possible it could largely resemble those afforded under the CARES Act”.

The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund supports not only families and hard-working people across the country, but also the thousands and thousands of brave health care providers on the front lines during this ongoing pandemic. The president said that he would not be able to do this on his own, as he did when he signed the Executive Order concerning unemployment payments (along with three other Executive Orders that he sidestepped Congress to execute in early August of 2020).

Trump said that he would actually have to get this possible round of stimulus checks approved through Congress. “We have $300 billion ready to go,” he said according to the New York Post. “All Congress has to do is say, ‘Use it.’ I’d like to use it without their permission but I guess I’m not allowed…We’re willing to spend it, I’d like to get approval from Congress. There’s a theory that I don’t have to do that, but I’d rather be up front and I’d like to get approval from Congress.”

Illegal Immigrants Won’t Get the Possible 2nd Stimulus Check

Trump made it clear that illegals in the United States would not receive this possible 2nd stimulus payment. “They came into the country illegally, and now we give them a check?” Trump asked emphatically. “We want to give the checks to the American people.”

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Trump signed for the 1st round of stimulus checks in March of 2020. Image from CNBC.

This was the same situation when it came to the issuance of the first round of stimulus payments that Amercians received earlier in 2020 (for folks who earned less than $75,000 annually), because those who were largely undocumented did not qualify for a payment then either.

It’s no secret how Donald Trump feels about the fact that there are many illegals in the country. It’s been very evident since the beginning of his presidency, and his most profuse actions against immigration occurred very early in 2017, all in one week.

On January 25th, 2017 is when the then newly-elected president signed two separate Executive Orders. One was for Border Security (which included building a 2,000-mile long wall along the Mexican border) and the other was for Interior Enforcement (which focused on both federal and local cooperation for enhanced enforcement against illegals).

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Trump says illegals in the U.S. wont get a stimulus check. Image from News Spectrum.

Then, two days later, Trumps signed yet another Executive Order on Refugees. This one shut down the United States Refugee Program for about six months, and suspended nationals from seven countries from being issued a U.S. Visa. These were people from Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Sudan.

Will The 2nd Stimulus Check Really Be Issued?

According to reports, top Democrats as well as Republicans are in agreement that a check should be issued. Still, since there are provision differences and confusion about how much a second relief package will actually cost, governmental talks about it are currently halted.

Originally published at on September 13, 2020.

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